September - Healthier Ageing and Frailty Strategy

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Leadership and governance

Initial discussions have been held with Jon Rouse, Senior Executive Lead for the strategy, which spans a number of programmes.

The project specific updates, including falls, Community Rapid Intervention Service (CRIS), slowing down the progression of frailty, and prevention, can be found below.

Falls: A scoping exercise is under way to understand baseline services and ‘what good looks like’ across the falls pathway. A task and finish group is working to ensure the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) is underpinned by sound business intelligence, and that financial measures and metrics are in place. A programme structure has been set up and governance arrangements are in place.

  • Community Rapid Intervention Service (CRIS): Implementation across Staffordshire is being overseen by the UEC programme. A proposal is being developed to evaluate the current services and this will inform future transformation strategy for the services. 

  • Slowing down the progression of frailty: There are two separate services operating across the system, and an evaluation is being designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current services with a view to developing a common outcomes framework. A Project Implementation Plan is to be developed. 

  • Prevention: This is being led by Staffordshire County Council, and the Stoke-on-Trent prevention work will tie in with the Stoke-on-Trent Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Priorities include social isolation and loneliness, delaying the onset of frailty through prevention programmes (largely physical activity and nutrition), changing societal attitudes towards ageing and engaging ethnic minority communities.