July/August update: Community Diagnostic Hubs - Please give us your views

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Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, we are working to improve diagnostic services (tests to work out what is causing a person’s illness or symptoms), by creating Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDHs). At the moment, most of these tests are done in larger acute hospitals, but it is now recommended, as part of national guidance, that NHS organisations across England move to providing these in Community Diagnostic Hubs. This aims to support patients to get the tests they need closer to home.

We're working through the national guidance to design a local approach for CDHs. We believe this will give patients across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent access to diagnostic services such as acute blood tests, scans, x-rays and imaging more quickly and nearer to home. The services provided at these hubs would be elective (planned), so would not change how people access diagnostic services if urgent or emergency care is needed. Elective or planned services could include referrals from your GP for specialist blood tests, x-rays or scans to investigate health complaints and concerns. The investment in these enhanced sites would improve the way services are currently provided for people with a range of conditions. In the first instance, this would include those with Long-COVID, Breathlessness and Valve Disease symptoms.

Our plans are at a very early stage, so we are keen to hear from you to help shape how these services could look locally. We want to understand how people currently access diagnostic services, what you think about our emerging proposals, and what else you would like to see provided in CDHs. The answers you give will be important in shaping our plans and the services we provide in the future.

Further information, along with the link to the survey, can be found here. Please do share this with your employees, networks, community and anyone else you think may be interested or have a view. The survey is open from Monday 26 July until midnight on Monday 23 August. If you have any questions or require support completing the survey, call 0333 250 2155 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.