Emergency covid winter support is available to help keep residents warm at home.

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Staffordshire residents who are struggling to heat their home could get up to £200 worth of emergency support to keep their home warm.


We have a limited budget of just over £400,000 to help residents. This budget is limited, and residents will be helped on a first come, first serve basis.

We want to make sure that the most vulnerable people are getting the support they need, and we need your help to tell residents about the scheme and encourage them to apply.


What help we can give residents:


If residents are struggling to pay their fuel bills, they will get:


    • Up to £200 worth of financial help. This will be provided as a pre-paid meter credit or paid directly to their energy provider to add credit to their account or to clear prior debt.


If residents are in an emergency situation and do not have heating or their heating has broken, they will get:


    • A minimum of four electric oil filled heaters delivered to their house as soon as possible.

    • A Winter Warmth Pack (which includes hats, gloves scarves and hot flasks) for each individual who lives in the house.

    •  Up to £150 worth of credit to contribute to their electricity costs, as the heaters use up a lot of energy.

    • Their circumstances will be checked against the Staffordshire Warmer Homes scheme with the goal or getting a long-term central heating solution fitted in their home, as well as insulation, or more energy efficient measures that can save them money.



Residents can apply online by visiting www.staffordshire.gov.uk/covidwintersupport or by calling the charity Beat The Cold on 01782 914915