Update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme

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We know that there is a lot of detail to work through over coming days, including the characteristics of the vaccine and operational details, which will need to be informed by the national guidance. This programme is rapidly gaining pace after the MHRA vaccine announcement yesterday. As we receive more information we will be working through it quickly. This will be the biggest vaccination programme in our history, but we have the local knowledge to deliver this successfully.

The first few weeks we will be prioritising key cohorts, and planning the best way to reach and distribute to these people, avoiding any waste.

Delivering the Pfizer vaccine is complex as it needs to be stored at very cold temperatures and moved carefully, so in the first instance they will be delivered from “Hospital Hubs”. We know there will be various logistical steps needed before distribution to reach the key cohorts. Your PCNs will be working closely with you, alongside the primary care team to ensure the most effective delivery model is achieved.

The national team will confirm hub details shortly, however, we should not publicise these places for a variety of reasons, including managing expectation of the community and security. This will be the same approach when potential vaccination centres and local vaccine services are confirmed.

We will be sharing further information over the coming days as we find out more from the national team. Thank you for your patience.