Follow the Flu-Vaccine Code, and make it quick, simple and safe

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Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent is gearing up for the biggest flu vaccination programme ever.This winter’s programme has only one priority – to keep everyone safe.

The programme will be carried out at GP practices and other venues across the area and anyone eligible will shortly be sent an invitation by letter or text message.

The appointments are COVID-19 safe and will be different from past years in a number of ways.

You will be asked to follow the Flu-Vaccine Code:

  • If you have a letter, bring it to the appointment – it may carry a bar code that makes admin easier and quicker
  • Wear a face covering
  • You may have your temperature checked at the door
  • Follow the markings on the floor and keep 2 metres apart
  • Wear short sleeves and bare the shoulder you wish to have injected once you are inside
  • Once you have been protected from flu leave by a separate entrance

Most patients should be inside the building for around two minutes.

The team at Stafford’s Holmcroft Surgery have given a preview of what their flu clinic will look like.

Practice nurse Diane Turner on how flu clinics will work



All buildings are different, but the same safety considerations have been used.

Holmcroft Practice Nurse Diane Turner said: “This year it’s more important than ever that people who are eligible receive their flu immunisation. We have made adaptions because we want everyone to feel safe from COVID-19.

“We have planned to make the whole process quick, simple and safe. Please help us make that happen.”

There are some things to think about.

  • There will be no seating available at flu clinics
  • Toilets will not be open

If this is a problem for you please let your practice know and they will make alternative arrangements for you to receive a safe vaccination.