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From Becky Jones, Programme Director

Our plans to update and improve buildings including hospitals, GP surgeries and council care facilities have been praised, clearing the way for potential future investments.

Our Estates Strategy has been officially rated as “Good” and this means that work can begin to pull together a series of projects that could attract funding to give the area more of the most up-to-date buildings.

This is welcome news for hospitals, GP surgeries, health and care villages and anywhere else that health and care services are provided from. It’s important to have the best estates, so that services can be delivered in a way that is safe, efficient and easy for everyone to access.

The last assessment, carried out in 2018, rated the Estates Strategy as “Improving”. A rating of “Good” is required from NHS England and NHS Improvement to access greater potential capital investment. This success means the programme has increased potential to deliver more facilities like the health and care villages, such as Northfields in Stafford, as well as improve more traditional facilities.

The health and care villages aim to deliver primary care, enhanced primary care, community facilities, training facilities, residential care, dementia care, extra care housing and key worker accommodation, all in one state-of-the-art complex.

Work will now begin to understand the clinical priorities and develop a project pipeline that will enable the required transformation to take place and deliver these projects.

For each planned project, individual business cases will need to be made and funding applied for.