Urgent and Emergency Care programme

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From Becky Scullion, Programme Lead

The Urgent Care programme has been working hard on developing the transformation programmes, alongside managing the day-to-day pressures, whilst pulling together a system-wide plan that will support our patients and our system during winter. Here is a selection of some of the recent updates:

Simplified access:

  • Working with Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG (the host commissioners on the 999 contract) to work through arrangements for April 2020 onwards

Integrated UEC Model and Consolidation:

  • The clinical model continues to be refined through the clinical workshops and clinical cabinet to support the development of the shortlist

Working Together as One Health and Care System:

  • Further iterations of the system demand and capacity plan have been produced and form part of the Winter/Surge Plan for West Staffordshire
  • The Demand and Capacity plan will remain under review and subject to revision throughout winter, as circumstances change

Wider System Delivery:

Red Bag Scheme

  • All documentation is now approved 
  • There is an acute training plan in place and UHNM wards were visited along with a selection of care homes
  • There is a plan to roll out 50 Red Bags across East Staffordshire

Emergency Department Front Door and Hospital Flow:

  • The ED Improvement plan continues and a BC for additional staffing approved and recruitment commenced
  • Ten Junior Doctors commenced to support flow in ED overnight
  • Phase 1 of the Urgent Care Model has now been implemented with a larger Majors template. New ways of working/new roles are in place with on-going monitoring and support

Ambulance Conveyance

  • Continuing with current Falls Response Service with expanded data collection and outcome measures and recruitment to posts

GP Streaming/Vocare

  • UHNM currently have a navigator at the front desk streaming to the UTC or ED with new arrangements to be trialled next month

Hospital Flow

  • The Long Stay Wednesdays programme continues to be supported with a rota of clinical input
  • The Patient Profile action plan continues and training commenced
  • The pilot of the Consultant Geriatrician Assessment (CGA) continues across the elderly care wards-audit underway

Seven day working

  • Baseline mapping of provision across Staffordshire continues