Can you ‘Read Between the Lines’ and save lives?

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The ‘Read Between the Lines’ campaign aims to encourage people to ask others directly about their feelings – because it can help to save their life.

The research suggests that, because they are in regular contact with them, family and friends of people at risk may be best placed to recognise signs of distress and be able to help by encouraging them to talk about how they feel.

The campaign recognises there is a tendency for people not to notice the warning signs when someone says they’re OK and seems to be leading a normal life, so it’s important to ‘read between the lines’ and ask them.

Anyone who is concerned about someone they know should contact the Samaritans on 01782 116 123.  Locally the Mental Health Access Team provides a 24/7 service offering assessment, advice, signposting and crisis response, for anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s mental health, you can contact them on 0300 123 0907 (option 1).