Make your voice count on planned care services in the NHS

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Demand for planned NHS operations and treatments (planned care) has increased by 14% over the past four years and is expected to continue to rise. Your views and experiences are needed to help shape future services that can meet this rising demand. 

Health and care services, both nationally and locally, also face some key challenges:

  • People are waiting longer for referrals from their GP into some services
  • High numbers of planned operations are cancelled, causing disruption and frustration for patients
  • High numbers of emergency admissions can impact on planned operations   
  • Recruiting and retaining the right consultants, nurses and professionals to give timely access to services.

Clinicians and staff are working to respond to these challenges and adapt services to continue to offer quality services and a positive experience for patients.

Together We’re Better (TWB), the health and care partnership for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, is encouraging you to make your voice count through their 12-week public conversation. Your views will help partners to identify the opportunities to improve care for patients when having a planned operation or appointment.  

Helen Ashley, Board Member for Planned Care within the Together We’re Better Partnership, commented:

“We know we need to adapt to respond to the growing demand within health and care services. This includes better use of technology to plan, prioritise and monitor patients’ health. We’re also keen to improve the patient journey through efficient referral processes and offering more minor treatments in the community. All of this could help free up our senior consultants to deal with the most complex cases and reduce waiting times for patients.

“Our public conversation ends on Sunday and I would encourage everyone who hasn’t taken part yet to visit our website and share their experiences and ideas. By completing our survey, you can help us to build a health and care system that is fit for purpose, sustainable and continues to deliver safe, high quality services in future."

How to get involved

More information about the 12-week public conversation can be found on Together We’re Better’s website at There you will be able to:

  • Read our Health and Care in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent document, and Summary document, that goes into more detail about what this is about, why change is needed, the challenges and opportunities locally and the areas we need to talk about
  • Complete an online survey that seeks your views. Hard copies of the survey, including an Easy Read version can also be provided by getting in touch through our Contact Us page
  • For more information or to get help completing the survey, call us on 01785 276926.

You can follow Together We’re Better on Twitter @TWBstaffsstokeand on Facebook @TWBStaffsandStoke.

Dr Amit Amora, Consultant Geriatrician at University Hospitals North Midlands talks about the challenges and opportunities in planned care.