Organisational Development and Leadership Programme - February 2019

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Update from Linda Holland, Programme Director

We’ve been busy working on developing the High Potential Scheme (HPS) locally following a successful application to the NHS Leadership Academy to become a pilot site.

The aim of the HPS will be to identify, support and develop the most talented individuals providing NHS-funded care, in order to help them succeed in the most senior roles within local health and care services.

The scheme will ensure the NHS has a stronger and more diverse cohort of aspirant leaders who will progress to senior executive roles by:

  • Identifying those people with the greatest potential to progress to senior executive roles and provide them with the support and development necessary to enable the acceleration and achievement of this.
  • Recruiting and developing cohorts of high potential leaders that are diverse and inclusive, and ensuring the scheme itself models inclusive leadership in its content, design, process and operations.
  • Establishing a valid, reliable and inclusive framework for identifying and assessing ‘high potential’.
  • Tracking the careers of high potential participants during and after the scheme.

We’re working to support partners to adopt a more strategic approach to talent management to lead to greater self-sufficiency in filling posts and reduce the turnover of staff and use of interims.

The aim is for talent management and collaboration between organisations at local system level to become the norm, improving systems leadership and integration and increasing self-sufficiency when appointing to key posts. The pilot is due to get underway in June, with an initial cohort of 20 people.

This builds on the successful Staffordshire Stepping Up Programme, which has already seen 55 existing and aspiring leaders from the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community take part - with dozens more involved in the latest cohort of the programme.

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