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COVID-19 Resources

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  • Current COVID-19 resources

    Please note: resources are updated regularly, it is important that you check this page often to see which toolkits have been updated. 

    Any toolkits with out of date messaging for exmaple, resources from the start of the vaccination prograame in December 2020, will be in the archive section. 

     Campaigns Resources  Date published  Late Updated 

    Toolkit - 2nd dose

    Booster toolkit 

     August 12th 2021  15th December 2021
    12-15 SAIS programme 

    Flu and COVID-19 Toolkit 

    includes translated, easy read and BSL materials 

     1st November 2021  
    12-15 generic toolkit


    includes translated, easy read and BSL materials 

     1st November 2021  16th November 2021
    16-17 16-17 students Stafford College video 3rd November 2021  
    16-17 second dose  Toolkit  22nd November  3rd December 2021
    Health and Social Care workers Toolkit  1st October 2021  
    Weakend immune system (immunosuppressed) Toolkit  8th November 2021 3rd December 2021

    Pregnancy and vaccination toolkit (includes translated materials in over 20 languages)

    ECMO toolkit 

    Vaccines in pregnancy - video 

    9th November 2021 27th January 2022
    Learning Disabilities  Toolkit  2nd February 2022  
    Housing Associations Toolkit 23rd February 2022  
      Festive Holidays and Celebrations     
    Holi Toolkit  Toolkit 28th February 2022  
    Ramadan  Ramadan Toolkit 18th March 2022  
    Booster and flu (Winter vaccinations)

    Coronavirus vaccine eligibility 

      Graphic  24th December 2021   

    Booster vaccine translations:

    • Hindi
    • Urdu
    • Pothwari
    • Czech
    • Arabic
    • Italian

    You can find the videos here

    22nd December 2021  
    Booster Vaccine Letter   Booster letter  23rd December 2021  

    Where to get the vaccine 

    Social media images:

    Booster Vaccine Drive Where To Get The Vaccine FACEBOOK

    Booster Vaccine Drive Where To Get The Vaccine FACEBOOK

     16th December 2021  
    Emergency booster    Social Media Graphics 15th December 2021  
    Booster vs Weakend immune system (immunosuppressed) Toolkit for staff facing and public  8th November 2021  3rd December 2021 
    Booster and flu national resources


    including alternative formats(large text, easy read and BSL) and translated materials 

    9th November 2021 7th December 2021
    Maternity  Toolkit  9th November 2021  



    1st dose push  9th December 2021  

    Health behaviours (ventilation, face covering and testing) 


    Toolkit 9th November 2021  ARCHIVED 
    Programme milestones
    2 million mark  Assets  1st December 2021  
    1 year anniversary  local and regional assets  8th December 2021  
    Omicron varient

    Omicron Variant

    Social media assets


     1st December 2021 16th December 2021

    Plan B 


    Social media assets 


    9th December 2021  15th December 2021
    Walk-in clinics
    Walk-in clinics


    includes mention how to book with BSL


    Employer toolkit 

    6th July 2021


    3rd June 2021

    11th October 2021 
    12-15 walk-in clincs Toolkit 16th November  2021  
    Generic assets
    NHS Staff and Public Vaccine Guide Infographic  9th November 2021 15th December 2021

    Don’t have an NHS number or a GP?  


    You still have a right to be protected from COVID-19. And it's free. You don't need to be registered with a GP or have an NHS number either. 

    Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK all have access to COVID-19 vaccinations. You won't be forced to have the COVID-19 vaccine and it does not affect your asylum or refugee status. No immigration checks are needed to get tested, treated or vaccinated for COVID-19. 

    Choose from the translated COVID-19 vaccination invites below to find out more.  




    19th August 2021  
    What to expect after your vaccination

    Available in multipe languages:

    Choose from the translated COVID-19 vaccination invites below to find out more.  

     English, Hungarian, Farsi, Bulgarian , Arabic, Romanian, Kurdish, Pashto, Slovak , Urdu 

    2nd March 2021  
    Myth busting traslated leaflets

    Myth Busting COVID-19 vaccination



    Both includes translated materials, print and digital

    6th October 2021  17th December
    Expanding the programme 


    With the new JCVI guidance, (such as boosters for 18+) we are having those who are not yet eligible coming forward for booster thinking the JCVI update was being implemented same day, please utilise this toolkit to help inform the public

    3rd December 2021   

    Letter to employers 

      Letter  20th December 2021  
    Half term assets   Social Media Images 

    11th March 2022



  • People needing British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters or Deafblind access

    We’d like to clarify the position around access to signed languages to ensure deaf or deaf/blind patients get the support they need when accessing a vaccination appointment.

    Patients have the choice to use their usual BSL/interpreter provider to access a vaccine appointment. We recognise some patients are already registered with local providers, and they are welcome to continue using this service.

    In Staffordshire, ASSIST are working with the GP led vaccination centres and liaising with deaf/deafblind patients in relation to appointment scheduling as patients become eligible.  Some support will be provided remotely and interpreters will attend in person where needed.  In some cases, ASSIST will transport clients to their appointments in order to ensure access, especially for those who are deafblind.   In Stoke-on-Trent, dDeaflinks is supporting patients they work with in a similar way. GP practices have the contact details for both providers.

    In the larger vaccination centres, where iPads have been provided by Language Line, remote BSL interpreting is also available, as a back up.

    Primary care providers offering this service to patients are asked to continue invoicing NHS England in the usual way, as this is classed as a primary care appointment.

    If any services or patients need additional support from ASSIST or Deaflinks – see below for further information:

    ASSIST (Autism and Sensory Support in Staffordshire) Mon-Thurs 08:30-04.30  Fri 08.30-4.00 Tel: 01785 356835 SMS text: 07816316297 Out of Hours Emergency: 07977 007184 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters are currently contacting deaf and deafblind clients to explain the vaccination process via video call or face-to-face visits for those who do not have access to technology.

    When a deaf or deafblind person receives their eligibility letter, they can contact ASSIST through their usual channels.  On the patient’s behalf, ASSIST will call the contact number provided on the vaccine letter or their GP as needed, to arrange an appointment date.  

    When the patient attends the clinic they will access an ASSIST interpreter via remote video call.  Those who are unable to use technology or who are deafblind will have an ASSIST interpreter in attendance.  The BSL interpreter will need to be given access to the building in order to provide support. The interpreter will have an identification badge and wear appropriate PPE.

    These arrangements will help ensure BSL users do not arrive at clinics without access to communication.  However, if this does happen, please contact ASSIST 01785 356835 immediately.  

    Sensory Services provided by ASSIST:

    • BSL Interpreters/Communicator Guides
    • Deafblind Interpreters
    • Lipspeakers
    • Sighted guides for vision impairment
    • Electronic notetaking

    (for the hard of hearing/deafened and those with communication issues/dementia)

    Translation and Transcription:

    • Braille
    • Audio
    • Easy Read
    • BSL videos
    • Awareness training

    Deaflinks provide a similar service in Stoke-on-Trent to support the elderly, or deaf-blind clients who do not have access to smart phones or assistive technology to enable remote support.

    They have continued to provide support throughout the pandemic for both remote (using various platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams etc) and face to face appointments and are available to facilitate either. All interpreters are fully registered, and will attend with ID and wearing appropriate PPE (where necessary).

    To book communication support from dDeaflinks, please contact the main office on the details below:

    Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm

    Tel: 01782 219161

    SMS text: 07791459307 

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    24hr (out of hours) Emergency Interpreting mobile: 07977 552414

    You can find covid-19 information videos in all languages here

  • Archived COVID-19 resources

    Historic resources can be found here. 

     Campaigns Resources  Date published  Late Updated 
    Booster and flu (Winter vaccinations)
    Health behaviours (ventilation, face covering and testing)  Toolkit 9th November 2021