12-15 year olds

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Your child’s school may now be offering the COVID vaccine as part of its School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) flu schedule.

Three immunisation options are being offered – flu vaccine only, flu and COVID vaccines or a COVID vaccine only.   

To indicate your wishes, please complete the following forms distributed by the schools and return directly to the school promptly. All consent forms need to be returned to the school even if you do not wish for your child to receive the vaccine.  

  • e-consent for the flu vaccination 

Links will be sent to parents via email from the school

  • paper consent form for COVID vaccination (12-15 year olds are to have one dose of COVID vaccine only unless immunosuppressed, if so, please visit this page)

Consent process is paper based, child will come home from school with a paper consent form, please return as quickly as possible, yes or no.  No consent, no vaccine will be given.


On vaccination day, only children with consent as above will be allocated to receive a flu vaccine, flu and COVID-19 vaccine or COVID-19 vaccine only. All children will be monitored by the SAIS team after receiving their vaccination/s.

We’ll only vaccinate where we have consent from someone who has parental responsibility for your child. Please be reassured that should you respond to say you do not wish your child to be vaccinated at all on the day, your child will not be vaccinated.

If a child indicates that they wish to receive a vaccination but they don’t have consent from someone who has parental responsibility for them, we’ll arrange a separate appointment with the appropriate person and the child, to discuss this with a clinician.

Consent forms

Following reports from a number of schools in our area, we are aware that you may have been emailed a document that attempts to pass as a consent checklist for COVID-19. We understand how convincing material of this kind can be.

However, this is NOT from the NHS and it is NOT GENUINE. It contains inaccurate and misleading information. Please do not distribute.   

All NHS consent forms for COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the school vaccination service, are being supplied on paper. They are being delivered to schools for students to take home and to be completed, before being returned to school.  

Although an NHS e-consent form is being progressed for COVID-19 vaccinations, this is not yet available. We will advise through school, once this is an option