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We’re working with health and social care provider organisations, as well as the voluntary sector across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to deliver our three core priorities of sustainability, transformation and developing a future workforce.

Priorities and projects

  • We’re developing a number of new recruitment initiatives, including UK/international recruitment, retention and flexible working, while also improving how temporary staff are used
  • We’re supporting local health and social care services to become more joined up
  • We’re helping to transform our ‘primary care’ workforce (staff providing the first point of contact in our healthcare system), while also delivering Health Education England’s ‘Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future’ workforce strategy
  • We’re also focusing on developing our future health and care workforce by widening participation, for example nursing apprenticeships, and generating new opportunities, including training hubs and working more closely with the voluntary and independent sector.

Aims and outcomes

  • We’ve developed a Together We’re Better Workforce Strategy which takes a system wide approach to workforce development, recruitment and retention
  • The Redeployment Service has generated £3.6m of savings to date and stopped 150 people from being made redundant across health; local government organisations have recently joined the process
  • We’re working to implement new roles to address skills gaps and patient needs more effectively and efficiently
  • A Domiciliary Care Strategy has been developed and work is taking place across the system to address workforce gaps
  • We’re developing a Careers Hub to encourage employees considering leaving the profession to receive advice, guidance and signposting
  • We’re developing flexible apprenticeships for end of life, therapies and frailty care to enhance the quality of the service offered.

Introduction to the programme



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Workforce Programme Factsheet (January 2019)