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Prevention IconSummary

We’re working to enable you and your family to take control of and manage your own health and wellbeing so that health and care services can be there when you really need them.

Priorities and projects

  • We want to simplify and connect services to ensure we have a local health and care system that promotes independence and wellbeing
  • We’re working to create a ‘think family and community first’ culture so that you and your family are able to live independently and manage your own care needs
  • We want to ensure you are able to access information that supports wellbeing and healthier lifestyles
  • We are seeking to reduce the risks to your wellbeing by improving where and how you live.

Aims and outcomes

  • We’re determined to reduce the risk of falls by supporting you to maintain and regain your independence and reduce the need for more complex care – helping to cut the risk of a visit to A&E and being admitted to hospital
  • By supporting you to maintain good health or improve your wellbeing, we hope to see a reduction in the number of people who need health or social care support
  • We’re seeking to reduce the level of diabetes, obesity and heart disease in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent by working with you to avoid or reduce the risks of developing these conditions
  • We’re also working with local government organisations, the Beat the Cold charity and EON to bid for money to address the cost of heating energy inefficient and cold homes.