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Estates IconSummary

Our partners are working closely together to achieve this transformation through a series of work programmes. Each programme is clinically-led and focussed on its own aims and objectives to ensure local people have access to high quality, sustainable services for the future.

Priorities and projects

  • We’re supporting Together We’re Better’s five capital priority projects – Outwoods health and care campus in Burton, additional bed capacity in our acute hospitals, Longton South, urgent care and detoxification, and maternity and neonatal
  • We’re seeking to reform and upgrade our estate to support the transformation of local health and care services
  • We’re working to identify surplus land and housing opportunities
  • We’re supporting the development of new models of care through new Community Hubs

Aims and outcomes

  • We are committed to delivering the right services, in the right places, that are locality focused and offer fully joined up health and care services
  • Our approach is one of prevention and wellness, developing resilience and reducing the future cost of care with a clear focus on housing
  • We’re working with other Together We’re Better programmes to ensure changes are made to the way we work, enabling savings to be made in the efficient use of our estate
  • We will continuously review of our long-term estate, ensuring Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) properties are fully utilised
  • We want to use our estate flexibly to ensure it is being fully utilised, including seven day working
  • We want to address and reduce the backlog of maintenance, duplication and underutilised estate.

Introduction to the programme


Estates Programme Factsheet (January 2019)