Our plans

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Our ICS Development plan sets out how the system will work, the opportunities that integration provides and what will be done to tackle the health equalities we face. You can view the full plan here

To help us deliver our vision we have developed a strategic framework, which is included in the Development Plan.It asks a series of questions tofocus our priorities and agree the projects we need to work on to deliver improvements. They include:

  • Do we have the right level of care for our population?
  • Are we doing this in the right place and at the right time?
  • Are we as efficient as we should be?
  • Do we have the right outcomes for people, communities and our population?

Partnership working is at the very core of the ICS and has been at the heart of our response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our development plan builds on the lessons we have already learnt from the pandemic as we work together to transform our health and care system.

There is a strong commitment from all our partners to make this happen and for it to change the way health care is delivered for the benefit of our population.

We will improve residents’ health, prevent illnessdeliver seamless, joined-up care and ensure parity between physical and mental health. All this will be done so we cantackle the health inequalities that exist across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.