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About us

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Together We’re Better is the Integrated Care System (ICS) for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

We are a partnership of NHS and local government organisations, alongside independent and voluntary sector groups, that is working together to transform local health and care services.

Through a number of programmes, we are developing new models of care to deliver our vision. Each programme is focussed on its own aims and objectives to ensure local people have access to high quality, sustainable services for the future.


Our vision

“Working with you to make Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent the healthiest places to live and work”


What we’re about

  • Better health and wellbeing for everyone who lives in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent
  • A health and care system that tackles the inequalities that exist across our local area
  • A more joined up health and care system that is focussed on meeting the needs of the resident
  • The development of a health and care system that is of high quality, affordable and accessible to all
  • Health and care staff to do their jobs to the best of their ability
  • All partners contributing to the economic prosperity of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent


Our partners

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Our leadership compact

We have agreed our leadership compact which sets out our commitment to our partners, collective workforce, and the people we serve. These will guide us on our ambitious journey to deliver better care for all.

  • We will be dependable: we will do what we say we will do and when we can’t, we will explain to others why not
  • We will act with integrity and consistency, working in the interests of the population that we serve
  • We will be willing to take a leap of faith because we trust that partners will support us when we are in a more exposed position
  • We will be ambitious and willing to do something different to improve health and care for the local population
  • We will be willing to make difficult decisions and take proportionate risks for the benefit of the population
  • We will be open to changing course if required
  • We will speak out about inappropriate behaviour that goes against our compact
Openness & Honesty
  • We will be open and honest about what we can and cannot do
  • We will create a psychologically safe environment where people feel that they can raise thoughts and concerns without fear of negative consequences   
  • Where there is disagreement, we will be prepared to concede a little to reach a consensus
Leading by example
  • We will lead with conviction and be ambassadors of our shared ICS vision
  • We will be committed to playing our part in delivering the ICS vision
  • We will live our shared values and agreed leadership behaviours
  • We will positively promote collaborative working across our organisations
  • We will be inclusive and encourage all partners to contribute and express their opinions
  • We will listen actively to others, without jumping to conclusions based on assumptions
  • We will take the time to understand others’ point of view and empathise with their position
  • We will respect and uphold collective decisions made
Kindness & compassions
  • We will show kindness, empathy and understanding towards othersŸ
  • We will speak kindly of each other
  • We will support each other and seek to solve problems collectively
  • We will challenge each other constructively and with compassion
System first
  • We will put organisational loyalty and imperatives to one side for the benefit of the population we serve
  • We will spend the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent pound together and once
  • We will develop, agree and uphold a collective and consistent narrative
  • We will present a united front to regulators
Looking forward
  • We will focus on what is possible going forwards, and not allow the past to dictate the future
  • We will be open-minded and willing to consider new ideas and suggestions
  • We will show willingness to change the status quo and demonstrate a positive ‘can do’ attitude  
  • We will be open to conflict resolution

You can view who sits on our Board.